ezDrive Testimonials

NautiqueG25Peter C. Ontario, CND"Hi Brian, the installation was a success! It took me and my buddy 6 hours to install. It was very relaxed [simple] to complete the job. I took it to the water and it works excellent! All I can say is that if you want to enjoy this kind of boat, you must have the 'Easy Drive'. It is a great investment."
Nautique G25Josh Lake Powell, UT"Well, we put it t the test in Lake Powell... I'm super impressed! We were able to navigate some of the tightest canyons with it that would have been off limits without it!.. I even trained my wife who was weary driving this new boat... She said without it she wants no part of it, but with it she's completely comfortable! I would never own another boat like this without it!"
Nautique G23 Capt Ignacio C. Miami, FL"I am a full time captain for Miami Nautique and was extremely impressed at the power and run time of the Easy Drive Yacht Thruster! Most thrusters are under-powered, loud and have very short run times. The Easy Drive is not only quite in operation but during a live demonstration, I was able run the thruster for over 5 minutes without timing out! It is a great addition to the Nautique line!"
Malibu M 235Dan C. Manchester, UK"The [EasyDrive] thruster is working perfect. It’s been a great asset in this tight marina I am in. ..... Big thanks for all the support! Cheers."
Tige R23Keith F. Miami Beach, FL"Easydrive has made driving our boat so much easier, and less stressful. As new boat owners it simplifies everything from docking to getting gas. It's especially useful to get the boat turned facing the perfect direction after picking up a fallen rider. We love it"
Tige R23Eve F. Miami Beach, FL "The best part about my Tige is that I can now turn the boat and also easily turn the boat 360°. The Easy Drive now allows me to dock with no issues. Definitely Easy Drive is something you should get for your Tige boat! "
Centurion Ri 237Paul F. St. Cloud, Minnesota"My first experience with the thruster was coming up to my dock and my wife made the comment about how much smoother the control of the boat was for docking with the thruster. I guess that sums it up right there when the passengers on the boat are experiencing a better and smoother ride because of the [Easy Drive] thruster everything else is just a bonus! From docking, doing 180 turns, leaving my dock or picking up surfers, the [Easy Drive] thruster is an excellent add on to my [Centurion] surf boat! Thanks
MasterCraft 24 Rick R. Garden City, UT"Thruster works great for docking, close quarter maneuvering and picking up riders!"
Malibu M235Dan C. London, England"The [EasyDrive] thruster is working perfect. It’s been a great asset in this tight marina I am in. ..... Big thanks for all the support! Cheers."
Nautique 230 Adam G. San Francisco, CA"As many other owners of heavy wakeboard boats can attest, low-speed handling can be a challenge. My home marina is blessed with stiff afternoon winds, a robust tidal current, and small slips with limited access. Docking my Nautique 23 has always been a bit of an adventure at the end of a long day on the water. In frustration, I finally gave up and ordered the EZ Drive stern thruster kit from Yacht Thruster. The kit arrived beautifully packaged, with detailed instructions. I spent about 12 hours total on the installation, not because of any shortcomings in the kit, but I took the time to make a number of improvements to my boat along the way. Access was decent, and the components fit into available spaces on my Nautique 230. Once installed, I was thrilled to see the boat pivot in its own length, and there do not appear to be any negative changes to the wake or surf wave. I can't speak to longevity as I just installed the thruster, but it appears to be a great retrofit at a fraction of the $11,000.00 that Nautique wants for a stern thruster on a new boat! I highly recommend the EZ Drive for aftermarket and new wakeboard boats!"
Nautique G23Krehl S.Denver, CO"I love the thruster. Overall very happy."
Tige23ZX2020Bay Marine and Sports CenterHorseshoe Bay, TX"We are excited and impressed with the thruster product. We took a 2020 Tige 23ZX out with the thruster installed today. We had our concerns with the power of the unit, spray from the unit mounted to the transom, washing out on the surf wave, etc… It did not do any of those things! It performed very well. We are ready to order a second unit. I believe Bay Marine has the potential to sell and install many of these units on new and used boats!"
Tige23ZXTaylor D.Dallas, TX"We installed the EZ Drive on a Tigé 23ZX and it’s amazing. It pushes that boat against the current and wind with no problem."
Malibu23LSVLucas C.UK"For anyone thinking of getting this all I can say is just do it. Great product and great company to deal with. I Fitted it last year and wouldn't have a boat without it now."
Malibu23Brad O.Indiana"Took my vessel out for the first time with my children and loved the unit! it worked perfectly and as expected! VERY HAPPY WITH THE PRODUCT!"
Malibu25LSVDerek S.Tulsa, OK"Install was straightforward and easy, only took 4-4.5 hours to complete. Tested unit and I was really impressed. Unit works wonderfully and my wife loves it!"
Nautique25Peter CatanaOntario, Canada "Install only took about 6 hours, and was very easy. Took the boat out multiple times last summer/fall and absolutely loves the unit. Can't own a Nautique without one. Makes it so easy to back up my boat for docking."
Malibu 25 LSVDerek S.Tulsa, OK"Install was straightforward and easy, only took 4-4.5 hours to complete. Tested unit and I was really impressed. Unit works wonderfully and my wife loves it!"
Malibu 24MXZDarryl D.Lake Ray Roberts, CA"My dealer easily installed the ez Drive thruster this winter and it looks great." Cant wait to go out this summer and have fun with it !
Nautique G23 Fred Poeppelman Cincinnati, OH The ez drive system fit my Nautique even though the factory installed lights were in the way. A stand off mount easily solved the issue I am excited for the season to start and get out on the water !
Centurion Ri257 Drew Braum Norman, OK "Install was done by a professional tech who said it was simple and quick. I have not had a chance to test drive the boat with the thruster installed due to weather, however I am looking forward to using it all season long."
Nautique GS20John AllenAtlanta, GAWatersports central installed my system and "I loved working with Derek T, he had great communications through the entire process, making the install easier and more efficient I have taken my boat a few times and really enjoyed the ez drive thruster control.
Nautique G25 Peter Catana Ontario Canada "Install only took 6 hours max and was super easy. The ez Drive thruster works perfectly and no one should own a Nautique without one!"
Malibu LSV 2018Gary WyattLake Shasta, CA "Super easy install, package arrived on time and looked very professional. I have taken my boat out a few times and really enjoyed the new thruster. It has made a big difference with docking and launching my boat.
Malibu 24 MXZ Jonathan B.Smith Lake, AL "When the package arrived it looked good. Once the thruster was installed and I was able to get my boat out, the EZ Drive thruster has made a big difference. The steering is so much easier, docking and launching. Also has made the maneuverability of the boat when I have skier's so much better as well. I am really happy with it and it is working great!"
CenturionSV233Chad Bethers Cove Palisas, CA"Even though I haven't installed the ez drive yet, I am impressed as it arrived on time, and it was easy to track. When the shipment arrived it looked good, was packaged well soarrived undamaged. looking forward to the install and a great time on the water. "
Malibu MXZ 23 Louis Woodward Riverside, CA"I have a self install and looked at the website for details and all the new ez drive features., ez drive made sure i had the latest installers guide for the most up to date information, and that was appreciated. . The ez Drive BILT application and the new manual made all the difference making this install very simple and easy. good job !
Centurion Ri257Scott M.Colorado"Only was able to get the boat out for about 30 mins after install (had an unrelated exhaust issue) but "I LOVE IT" "Does exactly what it is supposed to do, it makes where we can back out and pull into tight spaces. It's PERFECT!"
Nautique G23Rich M.Stroudstburg, PA"Super easy straight forward install, with no issues. I have not had a chance to get the boat out but my wife and I are very excited to get out on the boat and start to use this new thruster. We feel it will make a huge difference in navigating our boat."
NautiqueGS202018John T.Atlanta"Installed on my 2018 Nautique GS20 here in Atlanta this spring (2020). I don't know how I ever lived without it. The Ez Drive thruster is life changing for anyone with a surf boat. The company is fantastic to work with and I highly recommend. Please feel free to message me with any questions and I'll be happy to share my experience."
Malibu25 LSV2019Jeff K.Shelbyville, KY"Absolutely LOVE this company. When I started my install I found that the main shaft was too long so I called the office and they got a new shorter shaft and got to me very quickly. It was great working with Andrea and John, their service manager was very helpful. I have been on Malibu forums and just singing ez drives praises. It has changed my whole boating experience for the better."
MastercraftXstar2020HarryAustralia"I have never been able to park on my jetty, and now I can, and check out my reverse off the trailer and perfect park into the seapen…! YAY" View Photos »
Malibu24MXZRicky H.Little Rock, AR"The first time I pulled up to the fuel dock I was instantly aware I made the right decision. A lady in the boat behind me told me it was the best parking job she had ever seen. I told her I couldn’t take all the credit because I had a thruster that did the work."
MalibuMLX 212018Carl T.Sturgis, MI"Perfect install with NO issues. Thruster works great and has made my boating experience like night and day. Such an improvement! Love the Malibu throttle option and having all my controls in 1 hand." View Install Pics »
NautiqueGS222020Elton G.Horseshoe Bay, TX"Really enjoying the new thruster. Sail and Ski San Antonio did the install for us. Installers said it was a smooth install, had to switch out the I-box however it showed up quickly and they told me it went well. Really enjoying the new EZ Drive has made this season's experience so much better and easier." View install photos »
MoombaMakai2020Keisuke KJapan"My boat is a MOOMBA MAKAI! the flagship model and my demo boat, is equipped with a thruster called EZ DRIVE. ez Drive can be mounted on a boat that does not have a thruster and has excellent performance, design, and durability. You can also berth on the port side of the towing boat without stress. It is a very accurate product and works very good!" View install photos »
NautiqueG232017Manuel K.Germany"Yes of course 😊 we love ez Drive. it makes the boat so easy to handle, especially for my wife 😆 i think it makes sense for us to order the partial flow diverter, for even better performance. in summary we‘re more than happy 🤙🏼" View install photos »
Malibu23LSV2019Charles M. IIILake Geneva, WI"I've been using it now for two months and I absolutely love having it. Great for precise movements to the boat around a downed surfer and makes docking in tight quarters a breeze. [....] Makes life a lot easier when using and docking the boat. I also find that you only need to shoot the thruster for 10-15 seconds to move the boat around in calm water. I'd recommend [it]. Yacht Group was really good to deal with, as well. "
Malibu23LSV2019Charles M. IIILake Geneva, WI"I had a chance to use the EZ Drive for the first time last weekend and I have to say I'm extremely pleased with the way it works. Makes docking a snap and also helps position the boat for surfing."
SupraSSV 222008David B.Denver, Colorado"We wake surf and the ezDrive is great to quickly circle back to the guy in the water once they fall and also makes docking easier… Wish I had this [ezDrive] when I bought the boat! Great product!" View Install Photos »
Malibu23LSV2019Walter M.Huntington Beach, CA "I have a 2019 Malibu 23LSV and I installed my EzDrive Thruster in May and have been using it this season. It is amazing! It makes life easier in so many ways. For example, when coming around to get a surfer you can use the thruster to turn the boat once you are close. It shortens the pickup time by about 1/2. " View Install Photos »
SupremeZS2322020Greg O. "Had a blast on the chain of lakes yesterday. 2 experienced surfers, and 3 new surfers, one of whom is 8 years old, my daughter. The ezDrive thruster effectiveness is amazing, effective even at 20 mph. Substantially shortens downed rider relaunches, eliminating boatloads of main engine hours otherwise needed to circle back, as well as numerous tranny reversals used to stop near the rider. Our one viable public launch for the entire chain is universally hated for its congestion and lengthy cypress ringed channel passage. WIth our ezDrive we have minimized our time on launch by 80%; we're now pretty much untouchable." View Install Photos »
SupraSE5502020Brent L. Ripon, CA"Reaves, we have installed a thruster on a 2020 Supra SE550. The installation went smoothly and the customer loves it. He has a home on the water and a dock that has pretty tight access for a 24’+ boat. Makes the job much easier." View Install Photos »
Malibu23LSV2019Walter M.Huntington Beach, CA"Install went very well with no issues. I used the thruster this past weekend and I didn't have any issues and it's working great!" View Install Photos »
CenturionRi2372019Kip C.Cincinnati, OH"I wanted to share a story with you. This past weekend we had a close call at the ramps. Due to a accident at the main ramp, we had to use an old ramp which had steel posts sticking out of the water by about one foot used for the previous floating dock. The winds were bad so you know what “could” of happened. It didn’t. Once the boat started to quickly drift towards the post, she hit the thruster and the boat moved into the wind and aligned to the trailer. With a quick forward thrust, she was on the trailer. She actually received an applause from the other boaters. THANK YOU EzDRIVE!!!" View Install Photos »
Malibu23MXZ2020Brian A.Oxnard, CA“Thanks Derek. It’s amazing. My wife loves it and it has given her much more confidence when pulling the boat on the trailer on those windy days. Thanks again“
Malibu 25LSV 2017ABA Mobile Marine Sacramento, CA "Thank you for everything. This is such a great product."
MastercraftX242021Ryan A. Elk Grove, CA"Thank you for everything. This is such a great product."
CenturionRi2572018Scott M. Kimberling City, MO"I've been driving V-Drive boats for over 15 years and I'll tell you what, I'll never own another one without this thruster"
SupraSL4502019Roger R. Elkhart, IN"I purchased your thruster a little over a year ago I believe. It is AMAZING!!! To say the least! So many people ask how I can dock my wake boat easily. I just tell them to call your company. Thanks again."
Malibu24MXZ2020Justin H.Canton, GA"[We] got the thruster in and tested. The customer picked it up last week and used it a few times and was happy he made the choice to install."
TigeUNK2019D&P PowellLake Havasu, Arizona"We spent the past weekend on Lake Havasu, and I wanted to follow up with my honest feedback on the stern thruster now that I have had some time to use it/play with it. Let's get the obvious out of the way first. It is an expensive option. No, it's not "needed", but a boat isn't "needed" either! Yes, I have as much experience as almost everyone on here driving boats (and ships for that matter, as a Retired Navy Chief). I know how to moor, and retrieve surfers just fine without a thruster. Ok, now that all of that is out of the way, my review: Launched in a marina that's protected, but winds were still strong (20mph). Used it to spin around instead of reversing and doing a 3 point turn. Also used it a little to moor while waiting on my wife to park the trailer. Started loving it right away. Went to a cove to set up our site for the day. Used it to spin around after dropping anchor. Appreciated not having to work too hard with rocks on either side of us in a tight cove. Drop anchor, spin in place, reverse a tad, tie up slide anchor to beach. Easy! After setting up, took a few newbies out surfing. Now, is it faster when a surfer goes down? I am not so sure. Does it make it easier than waiting for the waves to pass before heading back... absolutely. Surfer wipes out, go to neutral, spin in place, return to surfer, when close, drop to neutral (or less than 5 mph) and spin in place again to go back on same heading we were on before. Now, again, I know some of you will say "I can do the same thing without a thruster". You are right. No argument! But not waiting for the waves to pass is cool, spinning in place when you want to is even cooler. LOL. Mooring when we were finished for the day. I have become so comfortable at docking always to the Starboard side, letting the reverse do the push into the dock, that I never even approach to moor from the Port side of the boat. Until NOW! I am still learning how to do it, so this was a little more challenging. The closer I got to the dock, the more I would try to tap the thruster to inch us closer. That's good, but in order to successfully do it, you need a little throttle, or the front end will start to swing AWAY from the dock as the back end starts to creep closer. I think a couple more trys and I will have it down. Lastly, trailering. I didnt think I would ever use it trailering, but while getting the boat between the guideposts, I started to swing just a little bit off center... tap the thrusters, tap the throttle, centered and up to the winch. Disclaimer; Our boat was reportedly used for R&D with this new thruster. We may not have selected it as an option if we were building our own boat. We will not be purchasing a new boat for many years. But if we were to win the lottery (then again, we don't even play it, LOL), I would choose the thruster every day and twice on Sunday over an upgraded stereo, trailer, or other expensive option. I will be the biggest proponent of this option going forward. Again, needed...no...WANT- ABSOLUTELY!"
Great Lakes TrawlerOntario 331973Mark P.Hamilton, ON, Canada"Derek assisted me last year with the purchase and install of two thrusters on an Ontario 33 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They worked so well. The owner, Rick, was so pleased and impressioned. Best addition to the vessel!" - Mark P.