EasyDrive Testimonials

NautiqueG25Peter C. Ontario, CND"Hi Brian, the installation was a success! It took me and my buddy 6 hours to install. It was very relaxed [simple] to complete the job. I took it to the water and it works excellent! All I can say is that if you want to enjoy this kind of boat, you must have the 'Easy Drive'. It is a great investment."
Nautique G25Josh Lake Powell, UT"Well, we put it t the test in Lake Powell... I'm super impressed! We were able to navigate some of the tightest canyons with it that would have been off limits without it!.. I even trained my wife who was weary driving this new boat... She said without it she wants no part of it, but with it she's completely comfortable! I would never own another boat like this without it!"
Nautique G23 Capt Ignacio C. Miami, FL"I am a full time captain for Miami Nautique and was extremely impressed at the power and run time of the Easy Drive Yacht Thruster! Most thrusters are under-powered, loud and have very short run times. The Easy Drive is not only quite in operation but during a live demonstration, I was able run the thruster for over 5 minutes without timing out! It is a great addition to the Nautique line!"
Malibu M 235Dan C. Manchester, UK"The [EasyDrive] thruster is working perfect. It’s been a great asset in this tight marina I am in. ..... Big thanks for all the support! Cheers."
Tige R23Keith F. Miami Beach, FL"Easydrive has made driving our boat so much easier, and less stressful. As new boat owners it simplifies everything from docking to getting gas. It's especially useful to get the boat turned facing the perfect direction after picking up a fallen rider. We love it"
Tige R23Eve F. Miami Beach, FL "The best part about my Tige is that I can now turn the boat and also easily turn the boat 360°. The Easy Drive now allows me to dock with no issues. Definitely Easy Drive is something you should get for your Tige boat! "
Centurion Ri 237Paul F. St. Cloud, Minnesota"My first experience with the thruster was coming up to my dock and my wife made the comment about how much smoother the control of the boat was for docking with the thruster. I guess that sums it up right there when the passengers on the boat are experiencing a better and smoother ride because of the [Easy Drive] thruster everything else is just a bonus! From docking, doing 180 turns, leaving my dock or picking up surfers, the [Easy Drive] thruster is an excellent add on to my [Centurion] surf boat! Thanks
MasterCraft 24 Rick R. Garden City, UT"Thruster works great for docking, close quarter maneuvering and picking up riders!"
Malibu M23523 Dan C. London, England"The [EasyDrive] thruster is working perfect. It’s been a great asset in this tight marina I am in. ..... Big thanks for all the support! Cheers."
Nautique 230 23Adam G. San Francisco, CA"As many other owners of heavy wakeboard boats can attest, low-speed handling can be a challenge. My home marina is blessed with stiff afternoon winds, a robust tidal current, and small slips with limited access. Docking my Nautique 23 has always been a bit of an adventure at the end of a long day on the water. In frustration, I finally gave up and ordered the EZ Drive stern thruster kit from Yacht Thruster. The kit arrived beautifully packaged, with detailed instructions. I spent about 12 hours total on the installation, not because of any shortcomings in the kit, but I took the time to make a number of improvements to my boat along the way. Access was decent, and the components fit into available spaces on my Nautique 230. Once installed, I was thrilled to see the boat pivot in its own length, and there do not appear to be any negative changes to the wake or surf wave. I can't speak to longevity as I just installed the thruster, but it appears to be a great retrofit at a fraction of the $11,000.00 that Nautique wants for a stern thruster on a new boat! I highly recommend the EZ Drive for aftermarket and new wakeboard boats!"
Nautque G23Krehl S.Denver, CO"I love the thruster. Overall very happy."
Tige23ZXBay Marine and Sports CenterHorseshoe Bay, TX"We are excited and impressed with the thruster product. We took a 2020 Tige 23ZX out with the thruster installed today. We had our concerns with the power of the unit, spray from the unit mounted to the transom, washing out on the surf wave, etc… It did not do any of those things! It performed very well. We are ready to order a second unit. I believe Bay Marine has the potential to sell and install many of these units on new and used boats!"
Tige23ZXTaylor D.Dallas, TX"We installed the EZ Drive on a Tigé 23ZX and it’s amazing. It pushes that boat against the current and wind with no problem."
Malibu23LSVLucas C.UK"For anyone thinking of getting this all I can say is just do it. Great product and great company to deal with. I Fitted it last year and wouldn't have a boat without it now."