The History of
ezDrive™ Thrusters by Yacht Thruster

Designed specifically for active wake sport boats and other smaller versatile watercraft.

The originator and leader in pleasure boat external thruster technology for 15+ years

Yacht Thruster began its journey pioneering the concept of externally mounted thrusters almost 20 years ago when the concept was considered unheard of and revolutionary. Coupling our engineering marketing and support teams, we proved to the North American market from coast to coast the superior benefits of our external thrusters for both power and sailboats of all sizes to 70 feet.

Our completely sealed motors, entirely maintenance free, are in part driven by rare earth elements (like your smart phone), and provide our compact thrusters with exceptional power in a small housing. The external mounting allows for water cooling thereby reducing battery amperage draw by 50%, eliminates the need for a separate battery and allows a continuous run time of 5 times vs a conventional tunnel thruster. And best of all it could be easily installed with no fiberglass lamination required!

The Yacht Thruster externally mounted thruster was proven success from the log jammed waters of the Pacific North West to the sunny shores of Florida.

ez Drive™ history

In the spring of 2016, we identified the need for a thruster which could serve the growing wakeboard boat enthusiast making it easier and safer for control of their boats and naturally our corporate mission is and always has been making the boating experience better. With that in mind we embarked on developing a new thruster especially to serve that market’s unique requirements. It had to be compact enough to fit below a water sports platform, powerful enough to work effectively with a ballasted wakeboard boat and full passenger compliment and gear abroad, energy efficient to operate without a separate battery in spite of heavy use with a long run time of almost 10 minutes. Additionally, since wakeboard boats are almost entirely powered with gas engines, the system had to be ignition protected, and fitted with waterproof connections throughout to make it reliable.

Due to size constraints a small but strong military grade illuminated joystick was developed to both look good and provide visual feedback to the driver. Alternatively, the thruster could be operated by a modified throttle control, or our handy multi-function remote providing thruster control and optional control for trailers, lifts, lights etc.

The ez Drive™ was born!

EZ to mount & EZ to use! Now enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts since it’s launch in 2018, EZ drive is a revolution in the wakeboard world. There will always be those that try to copy our efforts but our continuing technology and superlative service will always leave them far behind.

ez Drive™ the original external thruster for wakeboard boats!