Troubleshoot Guide
for Montara (OEM)

ezDrive Troubleshooting Form (Montara)

1) Take Photos

Please take the following photographs of your ezDrive™ installation before disconnecting your ezDrive™ Thruster and completing the rest of the troubleshooting process:

**ATTENTION - Failure to follow this guide or dismantling of thruster system components beyond the steps outlined in this guide WILL VOID ANY WARRANTY**

Please submit the following requested photos with your form before disconnecting your ezDrive Thruster!

2) Upload Photos

Please provide all of the photos as described above.






All information below MUST be completed

Troubleshooting Steps

Please complete ALL required steps below and check boxes.

Make sure to disconnect power to the thruster by manually tripping ezDrive breaker BEFORE checking propeller.


** Shear pin & propeller's hub can be inspected by blocking blade and removing nut. 

2. Check that all + & - lugs are secure to 10 lb-ft including battery, breaker, battery switch, fuse, ground, block & iBox. Then Reset breaker.

3. Check battery to ensure minimum of 12.5v output at terminals. IF LESS than 12.5V, THE BATTERIES ON BOARD THE VESSEL MUST BE CHARGED OR REPLACED.

4. Remove iBox cover and ensure that nuts securing the A1 cable to solenoid, A2 cable to solenoid, power (+) cable, and power (-) cable are all tight to 4 lb-ft. Test for voltage at iBox power supply inside iBox for minimum of 12.5 volts. iBox lid screws torque specification is 10in-lb

(Warning: During the next step, be sure not to touch the black and red wires together as this can cause instant short and potentially be dangerous)

For best results, use an alternate 12V source that is not related to the boat or thruster (such as a separate 12V battery). This eliminates the potential for a loose connection in the system to give a false result when testing thruster function.

Control System Guide

My Joystick does not work

1. Verify with Key ON that there is 12V power supply to the control box
If Yes ____, proceed to step 2.
If No ____, check/replace 5A fuse and/or check connection to 12V supply.

2. Connect the BLACK lead from your multimeter to the ground position inside of the joystick control box. Connect the RED lead from your multimeter to one of the pins in the 2 pin connector coming from joystick control box to iBox harness. Push Joystick UP for 3 seconds to
turn on. Activate the joystick in both directions. One direction should read 12V or above

3. With the BLACK lead still connected to ground, swap the RED lead from your multimeter to the other pin in the 2 pin connector coming from your joystick. Activate the joystick in the opposite direction. You should see 12V or above


Diagnosis: If one/neither direction works, then the joystick is the problem. Contact ezDrive