Troubleshooting Your ezDrive™ Thruster

Technical Troubleshooting Steps form 2 of 2 (Montara)

Technical Troubleshooting Guide

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Testing internal i-Box Connections

Remove iBox cover and ensure that nuts securing the A1 cable to solenoid, A2 cable to solenoid, power (+) cable, and power (-) cable are all tight to 4lb-ft. Test for voltage at iBox power supply inside iBox for minimum of 12.5 volts.

(Warning: During the next step, be sure not to touch the black and red wires together as this can cause instant short and potentially be dangerous)

iBox Function Text

Disconnect control harness from iBox. On the plug going to the iBox, use a jumper cable to connect:

[A] 12.5v power directly from Red wire to the Grey wire. Thruster should operate in one direction.

[B] Now apply 12.5v power to blue wire and confirm operation in the other direction

NOTE: Please contact ezDrive for plug location on vessels equipped in 2021 or earlier.

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Testing Thermal Shutdown plug

Disconnect thermal shutdown plug going from thruster to iBox (small, black 2-barrel connector). Install jumper wire into the iBox side of plug end (into both barrels) and repeat step 2. 

Direct Power Test

Disconnect thruster power cables (A1 and A2) from iBox and connect directly to battery power. 

Diagnosis: The i-Box is the problem and needs to be replaced. Please submit this form.

Diagnosis: The Thruster motor is the problem. Please submit this form.

Control System Power Test

My Joystick does not work

Verify with Key ON that there is 12V power supply to the control box.

Check/replace 5A fuse and/or check connection to 12V supply.

Control System Connection Test

Connect the BLACK lead from your multimeter to the ground position inside of the joystick control box. Connect the RED lead from your multimeter to one of the pins in the 2 pin connector coming from joystick control box to iBox harness. Push Joystick UP for 3 seconds to turn on. Activate the joystick in both directions. One direction should read 12V or above

With the BLACK lead still connected to ground, swap the RED lead from your multimeter to the other pin in the 2 pin connector coming from your joystick. Activate the joystick in the opposite direction.

You should see 12V or above

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Diagnosis: If one/neither direction works, then joystick is the problem.