ezDrive™ Horizontal Models – Maximum Performance

The ezDrive™ Thruster system has been salt water spray tested for 500+ hours with no corrosion. And, additionally, is pressure tested for more than 10 PSI to ensure a completely sealed system.

The Top Of The Line…

Covered by US Pat. 11,173,985 B2. ,29/721583, 29/738,149, 11,220,318
B2, 11396355
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Streamline H is the latest in technology from ezDrive™ Thrusters featuring a super compact design that will fit every brand of boat with Integrated submarine hatch lid. It is pressure tested to more than one atmosphere for an IP 68 plus rating. Constructed with marine grade powder coated aluminum or stainless steel construction with 500-hour saltwater spray laboratory testing for durability.

Ignition protected for safety and provided with watertight control cables and connections. It is easy to mount with complete hardware and instructions, multiple available control systems, and “power flow” nozzles for optimum performance.

Streamline H - Black Aluminum


Streamline H - Mirror Polished Stainless Steel


ezDrive Streamline Mount is the most versatile model in our line-up.  Designed to fit just about any transom with limited space, this model combined with a series of power flow diverters is the perfect option for Mastercraft, Tige, ATX, Centurion, Supreme, MB Sports, Supra, Moomba and many more

ezDrive™ Vertical Models

Standard ezDrive™

ezDrive PLUS Blk Alum angle-Transparent

The Standard Mount thruster is designed for transoms with minimal obstructions and ample mounting space.  Standard applications include Nautique and Heyday Boats

ezDrive™ Stand-Off

Specifically engineered for Malibu and Axis applications, the ezDrive Stand-Off Model provides maximum performance in a compact, easy to mount platform.


Our specifically designed equipment packages are available for every brand of boat and include full installation instructions and technical support.


Packages include all parts required for normal installation except battery cables which are optional.


With your choice of control system

ez Drive Military Grade Joystick IP69K

Advanced ezDrive™ technology: waterproof, dust-tight, even from close-range high-pressure and high-temperature spray downs.
Joystick is rated IP69k

Hi-Tech Illuminated Rocker Switch

Intuitive "Rocker Switch" design allows for precision control of your ezDrive™ thruster by simply rocking the switch back and forth (Port to Starboard) with your fingertips.

Side Mount Throttle Control with thruster

Uniquely designed specifically to retrofit your boat
on a Pug-N-Play basis with throttle and thruster control. Absolute and complete control at your fingertips.

ezDrive™ Accessories

NOTE: These accessories are available as upgrades and options to the ezDrive™ thruster

Power Flow Logo


Especially designed to increase ezDrive™ performance by concentrating water flow.

Standard - Polished Stainless Steel


Standard - Black Aluminum


Power Flow Logo

Angle Diverters

Three Power Flow angle diverter models to choose from based on your individual needs.

Each partially redirects water flow in variable directions for optimal thruster performance.

Power Flow 15
(Polished Stainless Steel or Black Aluminum)


Power Flow 30
(Polished Stainless Steel or Black Aluminum)


Power Flow 45
(Black Aluminum)


Standard Swim Grates


Stainless Steel or Black Aluminum

ezDrive™ Thruster Parts

(central control unit)

ezDrive™ Custom Push-to-Trip Circuit Breaker (Surface)

ezDrive™ Propeller

ezDrive™ Throttle with Thruster

Classic Joystick


       Illuminated Rocker Control

What comes standard in the box?

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